About „Latinitas Christiana“

On this page, I intend to open for the reader the vast treasure of prayer of the Roman Church and its Latin tradition. In these prayers, two thousand years’ tradition talks to us, we hear the thoughts of the Fathers and Teachers of the Church living in antiquity, the Middle Ages or modern times. By using them we step into a community of prayer with all these great Saints, but also with all those who have said these prayers in all the churches in the whole world, throughout the ages. But not only do we unite ourselves with the triumphant Church in Heaven; we also enter into a profound relation with the centre of the militant Church, with Rome, whence Latin originates. Thereby we also become united with those who pray all over the world, who turn to the Lord with the very words we use, at the same moment. Considering the verbose chattering prayer today often has degenerated into - entirely in contrast to Christ’s warning (Matthew 6, 7) -, one is most gratified at the conciseness and clarity of the Latin prayers.
I have divided the prayers rendered here into following groups:

1. Prayers used by the holy Roman Church as opening prayers in Mass on the respective days.
2. Prayers for various occasions (esp. preparation for and thanksgiving after Mass).
3. Hymns.

The number of prayers will increase in the course of time; in this, I ask for your patience.

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